Dragon Nest Sea Skill Balancing 27 januari 2015

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Salah satu update yang paling di tunggu-tunggu para pemain dragon nest yaitu skill balancing , dengan skill balancing ini job yang kurang populer akan kembali di lirik oleh pemain dan dengan skill balancing ini diharapkan semakin berkurangnya diskriminasi job terhadap job yang kurang populer tersebut.

Berikut ini adalah list skill balancing di DN SEA besok dan seperti yang sudah kalian ketahui jika salah satu dari DN SEA atau INA melakukan skill balance kemungkinan besar yang lainnya juga akan melakukan skill balance juga dan kemungkinan besar bulan depan DN INA akan melakukan update skill balance yang sama.


[Bringer]– Chakra of Energy(PVP): Cooldown changed  to 35 seconds
– Chakra Heal(PVP): MP recovery removed. Super armor decreased.
– Pact of Anja(PVP/PVE): Invincibility during cat’s attack removed. Super armor increased.

[Light Fury]

– Sunshine Spark EX(PVP): Cooldown changed to 40 seconds. Attack area, damage, super armour destruction are reduced for aerial and final explosion.
– Chakra Miracle(PVP): HP recovery is reduced.

– Werewolf Ability(PVE): On top of existing effects, Shift Blow, Izuna Drop , Artful Chaser will be used by the other self. Magical and physical damage received will be reduced when Dedicate Shadow is used, and HP is recovered when hit.
– Blade Runner EX(PVE): Fire attribute resistance will be reduced for enemies that are hit accurately.
– Dedicate Shadow(PVE): Action speed increases, and duration is increased
– Crippling Punisher(PVE): On top of existing effects, cooldown will be recovered slightly when fire attribute physical attack hits enemies accurately while skill is activated



– Frozen Burst: New toggle skill added.
– Frozen Spikes(PVE): ATK reduction due to the number of hits will be removed


[Inquisitor]- Consecration EX(PVP): Additional damage is changed to 50%


DN 2015-01-26 22-35-58 Mon– Divine Ascension(PVE): 1 bubble is used. cooldown will be changed to 2 sec. ATK will be increased
– Divine Vengeance(PVE/PVP): 1 bubble is used
– Elemental Aura(PVE/PVP): Fire, light, water attribute attack increased. Attribute defence removed.
– Conviction Aura(PVE/PVP): Fire, light, water attribute defence increased. Attribute attack removed
– Stance of Faith(PVE/PVP): 5 bubbles created when activated


– Stance of Faith EX(PVE/PVP): 10 bubbles created when used. (PVE)  Divine Ascension and Divine Vengeance can be used without counterattack conditions when Stance of Faith EX is used.
– Guardian Force(PVE): Cooldown will be changed to 5 seconds
– Justice Crash(PVE/PVP): Changed to light attribute. (PVE) ATK will be increased. (PVP) ATK will be reduced.
– Divine Punishment EX(PVE): Continuous damage to nearby targets is increased. Movement speed increases when activated


[Alchemist]– Injector (PVE/PVP): Changed to dark attribute. No more hits counted when charging forward. (PVE) ATK is increased. Instead of healing effect, own and allies’ action and movement speed are increased
– Disease(PVE): ATK is increased. Instead of healing effect, own and allies’ action and movement speed are increased
– Poison Break(PVE): Stronger ATK increase effect due to bubble. ATK is increased
– Mixed Infection(PVE): Changed to bubble spending skill. ATK is increased
– Poison Pool(PVE): Can tumble while using skill
– Poison Charging(PVE): ATK is increased
– Summon Slime(PVE/PVP): Order of poison attack and ice attack which are additional skills due to bubble will be changed. Skill where slime is more useful will be used first


– Injector EX(PVE): Additional attack area is decreased. Final damage effect is added to allies. (PVP) Increased heal on oneself and heal effect on allies will be removed
– Disease EX(PVE): Infection effect remains and duration is increased. Infection increases ATK of certain skills
– Heal Shower(PVE): cooldown will be reduced. Number of debuffs healed will be reduced
– Love Virus(PVE): Increase in physical damage will be added. Duration is increased.
– Chemical Harmony(PVE): On top of existing effects, when Injector hits targets accurately, Injector’s cooldown will be reduced. Additional bubbles will be created when Injector is used. (PVP) More bubbles created when Injector is used.


[Acrobat]– Astral Illusion(PVE): Attack will be increased
– Double Somersault Kick(PVE): Attack will be increased
– Acrobat: Spiral Edge(PVE): Attack will be increased

[Windwalker] – Air Sense(PVE): When character stays in air for more than 3 seconds, Spiral Edge’s cooldown will be reset.
– Showtime(PVE): Spiral Edge’s damage is increased when skill is activated


– Physical Sense(PVE): Divine Rage’s cooldown will reduce by 20 seconds when Physical Attack skills are used (Willow Kick, Binding Shot, Double Somersault Kick, Spiral Vortex, Hurricane Dance, Somersault Kick, Kick Shot)
– Hurricane Dance(PVE): Attack will be increased.

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beberapa penjelasan skill balance di atas sepertinya kurang akurat.


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